[Event]: Taiwan Independence Cup Tennis Tournament
[Organization]: Taiwanese Association of Kansas City
[Coordinators]: John Chang
[Time]: 12:00 - 6:00 pm, Sat, 07/09/2005
[Place]: Overland Park Racquet Club at 91st and Metcalf
[Entry Fee]: free for TAKC members and family; $10 per team for non-members
[Results]: (See more detailed results in Excel file here)
Men's Doubles over 100: (1) Min-chieh Chang, Frank Chen (2) Jeffrey Wang, Steven Huang
Men's Doubles under 100: (1) Richard Lin, Nate Sengsamouth (2) Bryan Chou, Chien-tsung Lu
Men's Singles over 35: (1) Frank Chen (2) Chien-tsung Lu
Men's Singles under 35: (1) Sam Ho (2) Jeff Kung
Women's Singles over 35: (1) Bao Yang
Women's Singles under 35: (1) Huaisheng Yen