Saturday, September 1st, 2012

On Saturday of September 1st, 2012, Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC) will be again hosting the 44th annual Taiwanese tournament in Kansas, United States from 11:00 am.
This event has been a great opportunity for many of the Taiwanese in midwest to get together to have a good time as well as let each other know how we have been doing these days.

John Chang (primary), Ching-Sheng Lin, Piming Kuo, Chunyen Liu, Chiupin Chen

Main Sponsor: Taiwan United Funds
Co-Sponsor: TAKC

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Teams in Registered Order:
  1. Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC)
  2. Iowa State University (Iowa State)
  3. UMKC-KU Taiwanese Students
  4. St. Louis Taiwanese Softball Team
  5. Formosa Bears at Chicago
  6. iTaiwan of UIUC
  7. University of Missouri at Columbia (MU)
Registration and Deadline:
It is free for approved teams to play at the softball tournament thanks to sponsorships. Otherwise, a $250 entry fee is required. Please check if your team is eligible for the registration fee waiver in details available in the "Download" section. Please contact Piming Kuo (pimingkuo@yahoo.com 913-685-2988) or John S. Chang (big12@kc.rr.com 913-897-7493).
Please register by Monday, August 20th, 2012.

When and Where Tournament is Scheduled:
11:00 am, Saturday, September 1st, 2012
(detailed schedule is in the "Download" section)

Fields #4 and #5 of Black Bob Park
14500 W 151st Street
Olathe, Kansas 66062
(Speed limit 20 MPH is strictly enforced)

Click on the following interactive map to find out the driving directions.

What Do You Need to Play?
At least 10 players (all with valid health insurance)
Gloves and bats
Player Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement (form is downloadable in "Download" section)

What Do Sponsors Provide?
softball fields, trophies, game balls (12" red stich ball, with an ASA stamp of MSP.44 COR/375 lb comp), umpires, light snacks

Downloads for Rules, Schedules, and Forms to Submit:

Player Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement

Schedule and Rules (pending)

(Maximum 15 players with maximum of 5 non-Taiwanese players in the game)

Old Web Pages:
[2011] [2010] [2009] [2008] [2007] [2006] [2005] [2004] [2003]

Former Champions:
2011 - Iowa State University (Iowa State), 2010 - Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC), 2009 - Shinn Fu America and Alumni of University of Missouri at Kansas City (SFA-UMKC), 2008 - The Tigons, 2007 - The Strikers, 2006 - UMKC, 2005 - UMKC, 2004 - UIUC, 2003 - Iowa State, 2002 - UMKC, 2001 - UMKC, 2000 - UMKC, 1999 - Iowa State, 1998 - KU, 1997 - TAKC, 1996 - Wichita State, 1995 - TAKC, 1994 - Wichita State, 1993 - KSU, 1992 - KSU, 1991 - KSU, 1990 - KSU, 1989 - KSU, 1988 - KSU, 1987 - WSU, 1986 - KSU, 1985 - KSU, 1984 - KU, 1983 - KSU, 1982 - KU, 1981 - KSU, 1980 - KU, 1979 - KU, 1978 - KSU, 1977 - KSU, 1976 - KSU, 1975 - KU, 1974 - KU, 1973 - KU, 1972 - KSU, 1971 - KSU, 1970 - KU, 1969 - KSU

44th Tournament Results in 2012:
1. Taiwanese Association of Kansas City
3. Illinois

(click to see full-size photos)

(Article: John Chang) (Photos: Grace Huang)

The 44th Taiwan Independence Cup Softball Tournament ended up playing at Topeka , Kansas . (One hour and 20 minutes away from original Olathe location), and with replacement umpires because of continuous rains at Olathe , Kansas

Taiwan League Champion: Formosa Bears at Chicago (1-1-1)

Overall Championship:
TAKC (2-0-1)
Second place: UMKC-KU (2-1)
Third place University of Illinois (0-3)

The tournament results are as following:
Game 1 UMKC-KU (visitor) 6 Formosa Bears ( home team) 5
Game 2 UI-UC 1 TAKC 9;
Game 3 TAKC 15 UMKC-KU 6;
Game 4 Formosa Bears 11 UI-UC 10;
Game 5 TAKC 10 Formosa Bears 10 (after one extension of extra inning)
Game 6 UMKC-KU 15 UI-UC 4

TAKC 2-0-1 (W-L-T) RA 17
UMKC-KU 2-1 RA 24
Formosa Bears 1-1-1 RA 25
UC-UI 0-3 RA 35
(RA was not used to finalize championship, just for reference.).

In the whole summer, almost 100 days, Olathe, Kansas was dry, but Hurricane Isaac, which was predicted to make a right turn away from the edge of Kansas City, went straight toward Kansas City, and brought rains starting from 12 noon on Friday, and continued overnight, then stopped after 3 PM on Saturday.

It was too late to stop teams of UI-UC and Chicago Bears to travel toward Kansas City , but was able to hold teams from Iowa State , St. Louis Taiwanese, and University of Missouri at Columbia at 5 AM on Saturday morning to travel out. But four players each from St. Louis Taiwanese and Iowa State respectively arrived at Kansas City on Friday night already.

While it was raining heavily as well as windy and chilly, the whole UMKC-KU team, along with fifty plus members of TAKC volunteers and players, gathered at the softball fields to welcome the arrival of UI-UC and Formosa Bears at 9 AM on Saturday.

Upon the arrival of a portion of UI-UC and Formosa Bears, and four of each team’s members from Iowa State and St. Louis Taiwanese, we gathered at Andy’s Wok to enjoy delicious lunches and tried to guide teams where to tour in Kansas City , as well as a proposal of indoor ping-pong and tennis tournament.

Then a dramatic phone call from one of four players of Chicago Bears from Topeka was coming in. They drove westward since Saturday morning to search for a dry field, and indeed they found one park in Topeka . They were so good that they even found out from park manager that the fields were available for “first come first serve” deal, and they decided to guard fields there.

All four teams promptly decided to go to Topeka , and set an approximate starting time of 2 PM. The decision was quick, but it was too late to request our long time umpires (Scott Mattivi, Mike Reilly and Eric Sherron) to go with us, and we had to ask Ching Lin and Chuan Kao to umpire for us. This is the first time over 13 years we have replacement umpires. Both replacement umpires did a wonderful job.

Games completed at around 6:15 PM and most teams gathered again at a party room at Lawrence ’s Oriental Bistro and Grill Restaurant to enjoy a delicious Taiwanese dinner and then said good bye and see you next year afterwards.

We appreciate all volunteers, Chuan Kao, Ching & Stacey Lin, Jack & Marissa Lin, Henry & Grace Yeh who traveled with team to Topeka . We really appreciated Bob & Jean Yang, KP Yang, Chiupin Chen, Chunyen Liu, Jinshou Hseu, Vandy Chang , Jeffrey Wang , Chia Hill and all TAKC & UMKC teams. Especially thanks to Formosa Bears and UI –UC teams who traveled and located dry playing fields for this tournament.

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