Saturday, September 4th, 2010

On Saturday of September 4th, 2010, Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC) will be again hosting the 42nd annual Taiwanese tournament in Kansas, United States from 10:00 am.
This event has been a great opportunity for many of the Taiwanese in midwest to get together to have a good time as well as let each other know how we have been doing these days.

John Chang (primary), K.P. Yang, Ching-Sheng Lin, Piming Kuo, Chunyen Liu

Main Sponsor: Taiwan United Funds (TUF, whose local President is Mr. Joseph Lee)
Co-Sponsor: TAKC

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[Experiece Kansas City] - [Visit KC] - [Gates BBQ] - [Winslow's BBQ] - [Kansas City Photo Tour] - [Kansas City Sister Cities]

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Teams in Registered Order:
  1. Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC)
  2. University of Missouri at Kansas City Alumni (UMKC Alumni)
  3. Iowa State University (Iowa State)
  4. University of Missouri at Columbia (MU)
  5. Indiana State University (Indiana State)
Registration and Deadline:
It is free for approved teams to play at the softball tournament thanks to sponsorships. Otherwise, a $250 entry fee is required. Please check if your team is eligible for the registration fee waiver in details available in the "Download" section. Please contact Piming Kuo (pimingkuo@yahoo.com 913-685-2988) or John S. Chang (schang4@kc.rr.com 913-897-7493).

When and Where Tournament is Scheduled:
10:00 am, Saturday, September 4th, 2010
(detailed schedule is in the "Download" section)

Fields #4 and #5 of Black Bob Park
14500 W 151st Street
Olathe, Kansas 66062
(Speed limit 20 MPH is strictly enforced)

Click on the following interactive map to find out the driving directions.

What Do You Need to Play?
At least 10 players (all with valid health insurance)
Gloves and bats
Player Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement (form is downloadable in "Download" section)

What Do Sponsors Provide?
softball fields, trophies, game balls (12" red stich ball, with an ASA stamp of MSP.44 COR/375 lb comp), umpires, light snacks

Downloads for Rules, Schedules, and Forms to Submit:

Player Waiver, Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement

Schedule and Rules

Old Web Pages:
[2009] [2008] [2007] [2006] [2005] [2004] [2003]

Former Champions:
2009 - Shinn Fu America and Alumni of University of Missouri at Kansas City (SFA-UMKC) 2008 - The Tigons, 2007 - The Strikers, 2006 - UMKC, 2005 - UMKC, 2004 - UIUC, 2003 - Iowa State, 2002 - UMKC, 2001 - UMKC, 2000 - UMKC, 1999 - Iowa State, 1998 - KU, 1997 - TAKC, 1996 - Wichita State, 1995 - TAKC, 1994 - Wichita State, 1993 - KSU, 1992 - KSU, 1991 - KSU, 1990 - KSU, 1989 - KSU, 1988 - KSU, 1987 - WSU, 1986 - KSU, 1985 - KSU, 1984 - KU, 1983 - KSU, 1982 - KU, 1981 - KSU, 1980 - KU, 1979 - KU, 1978 - KSU, 1977 - KSU, 1976 - KSU, 1975 - KU, 1974 - KU, 1973 - KU, 1972 - KSU, 1971 - KSU, 1970 - KU, 1969 - KSU

42nd Tournament Results in 2010:
1. Taiwanese Association of Kansas City (TAKC) 2. University of Missouri at Kansas City Alumni (UMKC Alumni) 3. Indiana State University (Indiana State) and Iowa State University (Iowa State) 5. University of Missouri at Columbia(MU)

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堪薩斯市台灣獨立杯壘球大賽 (文: 張錫清) (照相: 黃幼馨)

第42屆台灣獨立杯壘球大賽于9月4日在堪薩斯州 Olathe市 的Black Bob Park 舉行. 這項比賽由TUF ( Taiwanese United Fund) 及堪薩斯市台灣同鄉會(TAKC)贊助,參加隊伍有堪薩斯市台灣同鄉會(TAKC),: University of Missouri at Kansas City 校友隊 ( UMKC-Alumni) , University of Missouri at Columbia ( UM-C) , Iowa State University (ISU) 及Indiana state University(INDSU) 三校之TSA ( Taiwanese Student Association). 各TSA隊單向車程為 INDSU ,9 小時; ISU, 5小時; MU-C, 3小時. 比賽籌備委員為張錫清,林慶勝,郭丕明, 劉俊彥及楊廣平.

比賽採用美式壘球慢投規章(Adult slow-pitch softball game using current A.S.A. rules)., 分預賽及決賽兩階段. 預賽結果如下: ISU (2 -0 , 失分12), UMKC-Alumni(2-0, 失分16), INDSU (1-1, 失分 13), TAKC (0-2, 失分 26), MU-C (0-2, 失分 30). 依上序排定決賽次序.

同時 決定ISU 是台灣人組(隊員全部是台灣人組成) 最佳隊伍.

決賽由 TAKC 對 MU-C , TAKC 以17-6 晉級, UMKC-Alumni對 INDSU , UKKC-Alumni 以 13-6 , 奪得冠亞軍決賽權. ISU 對 TAKC, TAKC 以 9-7 奪得冠亞軍決賽權. 冠亞軍賽, TAKC 以 11-8 勝 UMKC-Alumni , TAKC 奪得2010 年 冠軍. UMKC-Alumni 亞軍, ISU 及 INDSU 并列第三名.

比賽於各隊抽籤後,準時於十點半開賽,並由TAKC會長楊廣平, FAPA全國總會會長楊英育及籌備委員 劉俊彥於三個球賽分別開球。比賽以五十分或六局定勝負,中間只休息十分鐘,每隊於初賽時比賽兩場, 各在一天六小時內,每隊需打三至四場比賽, 而 TAKC 出忽預料晉級, 需打五場比賽 . 裁判需連續擔綱5場主審,這真是全世界最辛苦及體力、耐力考驗的比賽。也只有熱心的台灣球員及外籍球員及熱心台灣人事務的裁判才會如此無怨的參與以及每年連續的參與。

大會更感謝參與這項比賽的志願工作人員(楊英育,林國維,楊廣平,劉俊彥,袁韻新,賈慧清, 黃幼馨  ,陳麗雲,藍美津, 高文莉)

PS: .TAKC林慶勝 隊長/經理給隊員的信

To all,

I would like to thank every one of us contributing this un-believable effort. After lost first two games (vs UMKC 12-13 and Iowa State 10-13) and seeded next to last, we did not give up. Then, we won three straight games (MU 17-6, Iowa State 9-7 over time and UMKC 11-8) to win the championship. This is the first TAKC softball team championship since 1997 tournament played at Columbia, MO. Worth noting, our team has 3 young players of 11, 12 and 14 year olds (Ty, Trent Herdtner and Jerry Lin), and these youngsters played unbelievably well. The addition of Michael Chang and Johnny Liu makes our defense much more solid than a year before. Otto Ting, Lawrence Tseng and John Chang did help to relieve/adjust our energy. Andrew, M. Mattivi, Linus and Jason chased the high fly balls all over the field. Piming pitched well to keep us in the game for the first two games. Jason assisted me with team management and play strategy. We got 6 injury incidents, but we were never stopped. This is a great accomplishment. Hope you all well rest and recover after this tournament. Enjoy the rest of Labor Day weekend!!!

Ching LIN .

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